Vision 2020

Trendforecastbook Vision 2020 offers a clear and well-organized overview of worldwide cultural, technological, economic and social trends. It is an essential source of information and inspiration for anyone who is involved in long-term product development, marketing and strategy.

Research into long-term trends (5-10 years) is the foundation of Vision 2020. What is currently happening in the world affects people’s thoughts and values and therefore what kind of products will be needed in the future. The colours and materials are directly related to the research in this book, these are the aesthetics that are relevant today and tomorrow.

Vision 2020 

For Vision 2020, Oltmans van Niekerk has examined the zeitgeist of today and tomorrow, what values are important now and in the coming decade? The book shows how to implement these new values for your business and product. The four macro trends that are identified are called Heal the Worl, The Lightness of Being, Harmony of Difference and The Mixed Now.


• Trend research

• Consumer insight

• Strategic concepts

• Design directions

• Future materials and colours


• Annual release

• 265 Pages

• Pantone TCX swatches and material swatches

• Digital file on USB stick

• 4 Posters




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