Colour Flow

Colour and material guide

Colour Flow is the annual colour and material guide of Oltmans van Niekerk. Colour Flow relates directly to the long-term trends that are identified in the annual lifestyle book 20/20 Vision.

Colour Flow shows how to translate these trends into new colours and materials. These are not limited by season or fashion but attempt to analyse colours and materials for a wider and longer-term perspective. Trends with a long-term influence that could feature for five years or more.

Colour Flow contains visual and tactile information that is waiting to be adapted to your specific product range. The book offers clear colour and material direction for anyone that is working with future product development.


Colour Flow 2019

The four colour stories of Colour Flow 2019 are all are influenced by the concept of time. Visionary Future takes a long-term approach to materials and colours, emphasising good design and durable materials that can be reused. E-motional expresses fluidity and temporality, with materials and colours that change in response to light and reflection. Collective Culture links our history to the future and blends elements of world cultures. Finally Explore Reality shows how virtual reality influences physical materials and colours, adding new layers to our daily lives.

Colour & material

The narratives of Colour Flow 2019 highlight a sense of exploration and encourage new ways of thinking about aesthetics, materials and matter.


The colours are placed in a circle to give a clear idea of the colour directions for 2019 and to show how the colour narratives can merge with each other. If you are limited in creating new colours, the circle can bring clarity regarding which new shades to include. If you are working with collections the colour circle displays the transition of the colours through the seasons.


• Annual release

• 194 pages of design directions

• Pantone TCX swatches and material swatches

• Key future colours

• Pdf file


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