What is next in beauty?



Beauty comes as much from within and magnifies outer beauty. It seems that if you take care of the inside, the outside will take care of itself. There’s nothing more beautiful than a person who exudes self-confidence and self-love. We will see this wider ternd of taking good care of your self spread from eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, masaages, taking time to go to the salon to taking care of your innerworld, meditating and addressing mental issues. Self-care covers the whole spectrum of wellbeing, taking care of the mind, body & soul. This also means develloping yourself, your skills, learning new things, staying curious.



natural you

No make-up, or just what you need to look fresh and healthy. Special products to freshen your look and hide blemishes. Natural & organic cosmetics are no longer a niche in the cosmetics industry. What started as small batch beauty products made by small brands and makers has developed into a holistic wellbeing industry.  


No aditives

Sustainable green packaging is overlapping with luxury. Rivelles is an Austrian brand that uses 100% natural ingredients and no artificial additives. The packaging is designed using natural ingredients. All the Rivelles products are vegan and the plastic packagings are made from plastic made of waste from the wood industry. The wood was chosen so that it would reflect the natural elements of the product.

Healthy environments


A growing consciousness of all things beneficial to health and happiness is resulting in a widespread societal demand for healthy living environments, with shared amenities, which encourage a sense of community, and promote physical and psychological wellbeing.



This wide wellness movement will have an impact on a wide spectrum of businesses, from food to cosmetics to gyms, schools and public spaces. Gyms that are a pleasure to be in and offer good food, shops that offer services that make life easier and brands that organise courses.


2/Future city living

shanghai-jogger (1).jpg

Quality of life

Air quality is an issue for many runners, especially those that live in big cities. The level of air pollution is playing a role in people's choice where to live. Cities will need to take action to keep their centre's liveable and attractive.


anti-pollution skincare

The the sale of anti-pollution prestige skincare, like anti-pollution face masks and moisturisers, are growing. As a reaction to growing concerns over pollution in big cities. BYBI, has launched Detox Dust, an anti-pollution face mask.

Air quality


We spend 80% of our daily lives indoor. Air quality indoors is rated by the EPA, and can be five times worse than outdoor air. The Healthy Home Coach by Netatmo monitors the quality of your air and records the data, along with humidity, temperature, and noise. 


Monitoring, filtering, clean spaces



3/the new old

Our bodies age naturally. Beauty brands are creating ingestible collagen supplements to help boost natural collagen levels. Forget all about anti-ageing products, show off your real age. The new revolution in the personal care market; the positive pro-ageing idea. 


Ageless spirits

Age is no longer a criteria to define somebody by. The body positivity movement is not just about weight or body hair, it is also the idea that women can be radiant well beyond middle age. This calls for products that enhance natural beauty instead of anti-aging products.


beauty-boosting supplements

Marine collagen with Vitamin C by Forever Young to help support healthy skin, metabolic functions and detoxification. To be added in smoothies, cold pressed juice or lemon water. 

Liquid beauty


Beauty begins in the belly, says Carla Oates, founder of Australian company The Beauty Chef. Collagen Inner Beauty Boost is a bio-fermented probiotic concentrate for a radiant, glowing complexion.


We will see more collagen added to cream, masks, patches and supplements like drinks and powders. The positive ageing movement is bigger then beauty products. Sportswear, fashion, it calls for a complete new positive approach to age.


4/Inclusive beauty

A diverse approach to beauty is on the rise as brands adjust to changing consumer attitudes. Changing our understanding of aesthetics


redefine beauty 

Waso is a new skincare line from Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido, created for Millennials. Targeting the generation of the digital native, the Waso campaign, with photo's by Viviane Sassen is  produced for mobile digital platform.


Unisex skincare

Peet Rivko is a unisex plant-based skincare line for delicate skin. Boundaries blur and we will see more genderless products groups like fragrance, fashion or jewellery,  

beauty for all



Imagine a world in which we are more interested in people’s talents, abilities, and personality than we are about how they look, where differences are celebrated and 


5/Future fragrance

With the focus being more on overall wellness consumers are starting to demand more transparency on ingredients used in perfumes. The ways of working of artisanal perfumers crosses over to the perfume industry, using natural materials, essential oils and creating mists.



The sense of smell is different from the other senses. It is primal, driven by personal experience, scent is completely personal. Scent is also used as the start of a new memory, part of the experience a connection to a place or event.


summer day

Scents with ingredients that enhance your mood, that have wellness benefits in addition to the aroma. Translating the feeling of a day into a perfume. Hendley perfume is made to smell like a late summer's memory of cut grasses, ripened blooms, sun-warmed leaves, cured roots and plush moss.



Poetic narratives of memories translated into scent. These perfumes by Christopher Brosius are made to are personal stories translated into perfumes. Christopher does not believe in a one size fits all perfume, he believes the experience is highly personal and should be tailor made. 


Fragrances will be less sweet with more delicate tones coming from the food industrie, like salt or herbs. Perfumes will include more rare ingredients moving away from conventional as we know it. We will see a more personalised approach to perfume, blending smell, tailor made to your specific wishes.