The forecasting process



Research is the base of everything that we do at Oltmans van Niekerk. We search for the reason why and look beyond what we see today, to create a base for strategic decision making and for innovation. Asking clear questions is a call for in depth research and open mind thinking. 



We start our projects by looking from the big picture. Then we peel of layers to come to the essence and try to project forward. How will it develop, what influence will it have? How will it affect people and their daily lives? What are the opportunities for companies? Filter down from big picture to mindset, strategy and to products, colours and materials.

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Understanding people

Take an active part in shaping a desirable future, one that helps people lead better lives.What is currently happening in the world is affecting people’s thoughts and values. In any innovation process Oltmans van Niekerk believe that people and their wellbeing should go first. It is about people, how to help them lead a better life. Social cultural shifts, mindset, values


Create long-term scenario's

By analyzing the big picture, Oltmans van Niekerk focuses on meaningful long-term analysis, we work to forecast trends 5 to 10 years into the future. e would like to contribute to a world with less but more valuable products and to change short-term thinking into long term strategic planning. Envision the future. Scenario's to describe what lies ahead, where the chances are and how you can act. Create a visual language that translates the findings of the research and mindsets aesthetically. Think visually.



Oltmans van Niekerk’s scope is future focused, we believe that by imagining the future it is possible to help create it. Guide teams, map the process


Four Focus area's

OvN has developed an unique method to scan relevant changes in the far future ( 5-10 years ahead) related to your brand and offering. We do this to know what lies ahead, to drive a business forward and to broaden the vision and to help companies with a clear future strategy.

We look at 4 main area's of change to identify opportunities for innovation and growth. An exploratory research method that is a good start for an innovation process and for creating a culture of discovery within a company.



People/ culture/ social

People, personal level. needs. Feelings.


environmental/Nature/ surrounding

Environment, nature, local level, what is in the power of people. 



Global. What happens on a global level and why does this matter. 



Technology is and will be a defining influence in the future. How do technological developments influence our future lives?