What is next in retail?

In general in the Western world people are downsizing, they spend more of their money on food and food services and less on buying products. Chinese, Arabians and Russians now have become focus groups as they are still like to spend time on shopping, but that will eventually also change. 

New retail spaces tend to go towards service and experiences, places where your jeans can be customised, with demonstration kitchens, repair services, a hairdresser and fast WiFi.

Is that what we will be looking for in stores? How does the high street of the future look like? With so many products online, why would people visit a city and go to a shop? 

We spend a lot of our time online. Online retail is currently growing between 12 and 35 percent, depending on where you do business. Within 15 years, e-commerce will overtake conventional retail sales in developed nations, as a new wave of pervasive technologies take hold.

We will be living in a connected house, maintainance, products like washing machines will order what they need themselves, they shops for supplies by itself.