Paradigm shifts identified




The Internet is arguably the greatest invention in the history of man. Never in our known history has man had access to such a broad range of diverse information from all over the world at the tips of his fingers. A multitude of information is now accessible if one knows where to look. People can now learn new skills or hear different versions of the truth in mere minutes. The Internet is not only giving rise to an open access of information, but communication is almost instantaneous all over the world and connects us globally. The Internet paradigm feeds almost all other shifts.

2/ The power of the MEDIA

The way we see the news has changed. Facebooks is increasingly popular choice, especially the younger generations. With so much information from various sources it is hard see the world through a clear lens and judge what is real. 

3/ The value of money

The financial crises was a big paradigm shift but we also realise it could happen again. Bubbles are building up and could impact society again. Decentralized crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are growing in value and will have an impact on the currency markets as this currency is global and decentralised and governments and banks have little control over it. 


A Peer-to-Peer Economy is a de-centralized model whereby two individuals interact to buy or sell goods and services directly with each other. Technology makes it easy, fast and seamless. Peer-to-peer changes the type of jobs and the way people work, often flexible, which can be both possitive and negative. 


With increased technological capabilities along with ever-growing concern over the state of the environment, the world is beginning to not only shift towards renewables, but the power over energy supplies and grids is decentralizing. The shift has to be made but the transition is slow, and goals are hard to reach as this is a global issue.

6/ Our relationship with food 

People are beginning to understand the importance behind knowing exactly what’s in the food one consumes and how it directly correlates to health. This has put mounting pressure on food businesses to adapt. Many are beginning to truly care what goes into their body and the rise of localized non-organic food in this country is a direct result of this health-conscious shift.

7/ The role of the government

It’s hard to not to draw a comparison between the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump.  A new era political and economic uncertainty where to role and impact of governments is changing in a globalized world. Companies are getting more political rising their voice and taking a stand.

8/ The big 5

The rise of global technology giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google are creating new challenges. They dominate their markets and this is fuelling a global debate over their scale and impact on markets, our dependency, control and privacy.


The next big shift


Artificial Intelligence is developing faster than the speed of light. From SIRI to self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are unlocking capabilities that were unthinkable only a few years ago. Research estimates that AI1 will be a $47 billion market by 2020. Elon Musk has said that artificial intelligence is the biggest thread we face as a civilisation. We have to think about, and try to oversee, the implications of AI on us as human beings and our societies.

Banner image Hyundai Pavilion by Asif Kahn