what we do

Oltmans van Niekerk is a global research and innovation agency that helps companies identify opportunities in today's fast changing world. Oltmans van Niekerk studies, interprets and presents the political, economic, social and technological developments which influence people and their values, their environments, new products and the way businesses work.

how we do it

Our way of working brings the future into focus and gives insight into the changing needs and values of the future consumer. We approach projects from many perspectives, pushing our insights and creative output beyond the expected. We create intelligent, beautiful and persuasive projects that stimulates imagination, influences opinion, informs decision and inspires action.


Founded in 2006 we have formed a multidisiplinary team that conducts research, analyzes behavior, identifies new directions and translates movements in society into clear strategy, design directions and colour concepts. Together with our clients we shape future roadmaps and work together to create innovative products & services.


Oltmans van Niekerk offers a unique blend of creativity and logic and integrates knowledge about the past, present and future to create a strategy for tomorrow.



The core team of OvN is small, we adapt our team according to the demands of our projects. Over the years we have collaborated with a network of specialists who bring new ideas and fresh perspectives. Our team includes professionals from diverse disciplines, from strategic designers to innovative material makers and colour specialists. 


Oltmans van Niekerk was co-founded by Liesbeth Oltmans and Els van Niekerk.




Analyzer / observer / creator / visionary

Liesbeth Oltmans is a creative visionary and a mulitfacetted specialist. She has a dedication to cultural observation and human behavior. She identifies, researches and visually communicates key shifts that will affect future industries. Her ability to inspire clients with insights from OvN’s research and translate them into rich, engaging strategic concepts, moves the clients of OvN forward. Her expertise ranges from strategic business advise to making creative concepts to writing inspirational articles.

As much as she likes to work for larger cooperations, Liesbeth also enjoys to help start ups turn their ideas into successful business. During the innovation projects of Oltmans van Niekerk, Liesbeth can properly filter the core from a discussion and is able to develop a plan that brings insights and plans into successful results. 

Interests: food and health, the human brain, decentralised networks and aesthetics.




Left & right brain/ explorer / connector / inititatior

Els van Niekerk has a curious mind, she analyzes what is happening in the world and why. During Oltmans van Niekerk’s client innovation processes, Els thinks independently and disruptive to bring new insights. She believes in the individual power of each person and in collaboration. Els is an initiator, she is alert and anticipates opportunities, new situations or problems. Clients appreciate Els for her ability to inspire, to think of future business opportunities that includes both consumer insight and clear strategic recommendations.

Els frequently presents at conferences worldwide where she provides insight into the most important developments and consumer values in the world. 

Interests: technology, global developments, human behaviour and art.