In the 21st century, in a world overloaded with information, impressions and products, oltmans van niekerk provide clear guidelines for business strategy, innovation and new product development. 


What can we do for you?

Oltmans van Niekerk collaborates with recognised global brands to envision and shape the future. By identifying what lies ahead we show which future developments will impact your business, brand and product. Businesses work with us to be challenged in their thinking, the get input for their brand research and inspiration for their design vision and their future strategy.

Oltmans van Niekerk helps organisations to understand the future, to be able to innovate, learn, change and grow by using futures research as an essential role for identifying opportunities. We signal the value shifts in society that might be permanent or a paradigm change for companies to never be caught off-guard. 

Our expertise is cross industry, we work for clients in the retail-, automotive-, fashion-, hospitality-, technology-, beauty- and food-industry. OvN approaches each project in an unique way by working closely with our clients. Every company and team is unique, we create bespoke strategies, workshops and presentations that suit your specific goal.

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Creative innovation & future strategy

OvN helps companies to move forward with a design driven approach to innovation.


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Colour & material futures 

New material development is at the front end of innovation. OvN can create innovative materials focused on your product range.




The presentations connect you and your team to the most important future research and consumer insight and explain what to do with it on a strategy, retail and product level.



Our workshops generate the actionable insights and stimulate the critical discussions that frame and inform the front end of innovation.



Vision and Colour Flow are inspirational tools, helping companies make decisions for their future strategy and design directions.

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OvN lab

OvN LAB is a private surrounding with tailor made information, aimed for close collaboration with teams that work all over the world. 


Introducing OvN LAB

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Introducing the OvN LAB private pages. Here you will find your personal research and insights information, everything you need to know. Your private project page can be the documentation of the bespoke Oltmans van Niekerk project in every stage. You will find the latest news and ideas in your categorie plus the expositions, events and fairs you need to visit. Be in close contact to us to make sure the private pages are exactly what you need and display everything you need to know.