Creative direction

Inspiration is vital to all new product and concept developments. OvN are designers at heart, we thrive on the challenge of thinking about, visualising and creating new designs and design experiences.

We can show you which key elements will drive design aesthetics in the future and which colours, materials and shapes will become relevant for your product group and why. 

In our studio we translate the big picture trends, future consumer mindset and function requirements into relevant visual form and colour.



Oltmans van Niekerk is a creative studio that can help you with creative direction for new product development. We can create a design concept and design briefing if you are looking to develop a new product or product range. We can help to create an unique visual language to communicate your vision or new product offer. 



Over the years OvN have created a material library which is full of innovative swatches and material experiments. OvN can create new material concepts and ideas for your product group. The team creates innovative new materials through 3D printing, etching, cutting, coating, surface effects and treatments. As starting points for your new concepts or exploring sustainable new resources, OvN can help you explore the possibilities. 



Oltmans van Niekerk creates and advises on aesthetic colour palettes. We make creative concepts and analyse what will influence colour and the use of colour in the future. We show how colours will evolve and how new materials and ways of making will influence colours and materials. We advise on key colours and can advise on colour if you want to refresh your current colour palette.


Get in touch to learn more about how our services and advice can help you explore new design directions. Come visit our studio if you look for inspiration and new aesthetic direction!

If you would like more information, discuss a project or look for creative inspiration please send an email to