London Design Festival

What to see at the Design Festival London?

The London Design Festival, running from the 15th until the 23th September 2018, has a diverse program with many interesting highlights. So many that it is hard to choose to decide what to see. Here are our five favourites.

Biodesign Here Now by Open Cell


The Open Cell site features seventy experimental studios in shipping containers including the first open access bio-lab & biomaterial-lab in London. Mixing biology, design, and technology showcasing ideas that will shape our futures.

Intelligent Mobility Design Centre & Burberry Material Futures Research Group


In 2017 the Burberry Foundation awarded £3 million to the Royal College of Art to establish the Burberry Material Futures Research Group. The Burberry Material Futures Research Group applies radical thinking to invent new sustainable materials, transform consumer experience and advance manufacturing to benefit the whole industry and wider community. Intelligent Mobility Design Centre Launched in 2016, the Intelligent Mobility Design Centre at the RCA emphasises the cultural link between people, places and advanced automation. Design <> Research is an ongoing exchange between research centres, academics, industry and designers to examine and imagine emerging sustainable futures.

PlasticSceneby Modern Design Review x James Shaw


PlasticScene is an exhibition of new design made from waste plastic. By demonstrating how waste plastic can be used inventively and with expression, producing items that are desirable and valid, the designers and their work can help further inspire the necessary reuse of plastic waste and to elevate the perception of the material.



Mint presents TRANS-FROM, a collection of 60 material-forward designers focusing on altering the state of matter through the design process. Curated by Lina Kanafani the exhibition highlights the transformative power of design. Mint is focusing on Material Consequences by zooming in on the transformative power of materials and methods that will re-think our relationship with objects. Taking sustainability and functionality a step further and showing how designers of today are altering the state of matter through the design process.

Belonging by loop.pH


Mind Pilot is an atrium installation at The Design Museum by London-based spatial laboratory loop.pH. The textile airship can be controlled by visitors using their power of thought. The balloon moves through the space through the power of thought, rest and relaxation techniques. The installation explores our mental well-being, the more relaxed you are, the higher it will go. Visitors will be able to see the impact their minds have on a physical object, making them more aware of the power of the brain.

London Design Biennale at Somerset House

USA Face Values.jpg

The 2018 London Design Biennale is devoted to the theme, Emotional States. In Cooper Hewitt’s Face Values installation at the Sommerset House London Design Bienale, live facial data becomes the basis of dynamic graphic images and provocative conversations between humans and machines. Visitors are invited to perform emotions and transform identities by interacting with digital elements.

Banner image, Flynn Talbot's Full Spectrum installation at the London Design Biennale