Home Futures

Living in yesterday’s tomorrow

Home Futures, an exhibition in the Design Museum London is an exploration of today’s home through the prism of yesterday’s imagination. At the show you can see that the home always has been a testing ground where architects, designers and manufacturers imagined new ways of living. Home futures draws on the history of radical domestic visions and suggests parallels with today’s reality. The same themes recur: living with technology, living on the move, living in ever-shrinking places and living self-sufficiently.


Selling dreams

Catching our eye in this exhibition were the following projects: Selling Dreams by Bêka and Lemoine is a film about Mark, a 34-year-old former tax inspector from Copenhagen. He now makes a living by renting beautiful flats, living himself exclusively in hotel rooms and changing address every day. In this movie, he tells about his strategy on selling dreams to his guests and with doing this he pushes the home sharing system to its extreme.

The future of co-living

The animated film One Shared House 2030 is the outcome of a playful research project by anton & irene and SPACE10 that gives insight into the future of co-living and what we are prepared to share in our homes. The information collected in the interactive survey is open source, free for anyone to use and completely anonymous.

Alternative world

Not Here, Not Now by Dunne & Raby is a speculative design project in different interfaces for an alternative world are presented, not here not now. The future is a fiction, how are fictions represented through design and how are designs used to present fictional realities? The interfaces are portals to those alternative societies. Dunne & Raby wanted to experiment with how different layers of realism are conceptualised, crafted, presented and perceived.


If you want to know more about what happened to the TV, the telephone, the bed during the last two decades, more in-depth reading can be found here.

Home Futures is at the Design Museum, London, until 24 March, 2019

224-238 Kensington High Street, W8 6AG, London

Banner image Villa Arpels by Jacques Lagrange and Jacques Tati.